# Song Title Artist
1 Yo Ho Ho (and a Bottle of Rum) – Allison and Waller Allison andWaller
2 Pirates of the Caribbean – Xavier Atencio Xavier Atencio
3 What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor Lyrics Unknown
4 The Last Saskatchewan Pirate – Arrogant Worms Lyrics Arrogant Worms
5 Captain Kidd – Cowboy Junkies Lyrics Cowboy Junkies
6 The Pirate King – The Pirates of Penzance Lyrics The Pirates of Penzance
7 Blow Boys, Blow – Joanna Colcord Lyrics Joanna Colcord
8 Sally Brown Lyrics Unknown
9 Drunken Sailor Lyrics Unknown
10 The Coasts of High Barbary – Francis B. Child Lyrics Francis B. Child